Default theshold(s) in v.digit

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> Morning/Afternoon.....whatever
> I would like to know if anyone has ever changed the default snapping
> and digitizing thesholds in v.digit? I realize they can be changed
> each time one enters v.digit, but ,for instance, if v.digit is re-entered
> it resets the thesholds to the default. This is a problem when meta-data
> is created for vector files because (v.stats -h) indicates a different
> MAP THRESHOLD (in this case greater) than the set threshold at the time
> of map creation. I realize this is a small problem, but I think it would
> make the lives of the twenty-or-so people who create metadata, much more
> enjoyable....
> Thank you for listening,
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We have had the same problem, and I have been forced to guesstimate
what I would have set the thresholds to.  Bad scene!!!  It would be
much better if in fact, once you change it on a file it remains changed.
Also, then if you don't happen to digitize the whole file in one session, 
you are consistent on your thresholds.

-Sue Huse
UC Berkeley

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