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> Fellow GrassP/GrassU's:
> 	Currently, users at my site are exporting maps from GRASS to postscript
> files, using '', and indicating the locations of sites with little dots.
> Then they have to import the map into FrameMaker where they can overlay "pretty"
> icons, (shaded and colored pictures of hawks, etc.), on top of the site's dots.
> Finally, they can print these "touched up" maps to our postscript printer.  They
> don't want to be limited to creating awkward-looking, plain ol', filled in,
> black icons with 'ps.icon'.  They want to add some pizzaz to the sites icons 
> with shading and colors, etc.
> 	My questions are:
> 1) If they create an icon in FrameMaker and save them as a PostScript file,
> is there anyway to use them in GRASS when using ''?  I can put a 
> PostScript icon is '$GISBASE/data/<database>/<user>/ps_icons' and I am able
> to select the icon.  However, when I print out the map no sites show up !!!
> Is there some conversion program so GRASS can convert the PostScript file to its
> recognized format???
> 2) Apparently in GRASS 4.0, I'm told, users could print the icons from ''
> to a PostScript file, and then use those icons in ''.  Does any one know
> of such a thing, and if so could they help me out with locating the necessary
> device drivers, etc.
> 	Finally, how about adding more functionality to sites icons to the
> GRASS wish list!  Namely, importing real PostScript icons, created possibly
> in some 3rd-party program, with color and shading, etc. into GRASS maps so you
> can not only see them on the screen, but hardcopy postscript output also!
> Thanks for all your help,
> Shane.
> amante at
> Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
> Richland, WA 99352   USA

In theory should be able to include a postscript file, using the
psfile option.  I couldn't get it to work, and reported a bugfix months 
ago.  Olga at CERL and I emailed about it, but I don't know if it ever
got fixed.  I suggest you try that, and get in touch with Olga if it
doesn't, to find out the status.

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