Where is the FAQ for grass?

Ronald Thomas ront at ypsilon.CFNR.ColoState.EDU
Mon Nov 1 14:51:03 EST 1993

Hello GRASSusers:

	There have been a lot of questions coming in to the list lately
that have been previously answered.  (Some asked and answered MANY times!)
It is possible to get the archived copies of the GRASSusers lists 
via e-mail from:

	grassu-request at moon.cecer.army.mil, 
		(send a DIR command and get the directory listing)
		(or a HELP command to get a help message)

or `ftp` a copy from:


	I've gotten a lot of great advise through the lists, and 
these files will help newer subscribers answer some questions that seem to
pop up frequently, without having to ask everyone AGAIN.

Of course, in order for them to work you'll have to 'ftp' them 
	and --USE-- them.  
	A simple script file using "grep -i -n" can search the file for a
command/function of interest, returning the line # and text where the 
command/function is found.  You can then use "more" or "vi -R" to access the
file and see what has already been asked AND/OR _answered_.  I hope some of
you find this helpful.  
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