Need for command line version of r.mask in GRASS4.0

Brian Culpepper brian at
Mon Nov 1 17:56:05 EST 1993

> I am needing a command line version of r.mask.
> Does such a beast exist.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Steffen Meyer
> Steffen Meyer, PE    Water Resource Engineer, Civil Engineering
> Graduate Student in Water Resources,  Colorado State University
> EMail: sm646601 at

	The big secret to r.mask is that it creates a new map from
an existing one called: MASK .  You can create a mask from any map
by simply using g.copy rast="yourmap",MASK . The mask created will
include all areas with a category value in "yourmap", so a reclass
may be needed to specify specific locations prior to copying "yourmap".

Hope this works for you,

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