printing 3D views

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Sat Nov 6 00:35:58 EST 1993

Glenn C. Kroeger (gkroeger at writes on 5 Nov 93:
>Is there anyway to print a three-D view as generated by d.3d?  Ideally, is
>anyone working on a ps.3D (or does it already exist, I'm new to GRASS an am
>still navigating the documentation).

one option is to do a screendump
(e.g., xwd|xwdtopnm|pnmcrop|ppmtopgm|lp -d ps # from pbmplus in 4.1),
but these are definately not publication quality

another may be to use g.gnuplot. I routinely plot raster files
suspended above contour plots.  You can also have multiple surfaces,
multiple contours, contours on x-y plane, on the surface, or both.
However, these are wire-mesh (w/ or w/o hidden line removal). They
import nicely into many different kinds of docs (troff, LaTeX,
FrameMaker, many things that can read color or grayscale PostScript).
g.gnuplot is not part of 4.1, but source code is on moon somewhere
(incoming?) - look for version 3.5. It comes with its own manual
and there's a short blurb with examples in a postscript file
(also should be in moon:grass/incoming).

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