printing 3D views

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Sat Nov 6 00:49:25 EST 1993

ooops - it's much too late...
Darrell McCauley (mccauley at writes on 6 Nov 93:
>one option is to do a screendump
>(e.g., xwd|xwdtopnm|pnmcrop|ppmtopgm|lp -d ps # from pbmplus in 4.1),

 xwd|xwdtopnm|pnmcrop|ppmtopgm|pgmtops|lp -d ps
(I believe that the latest version has pnmtops
 xwd|xwdtopnm|pnmcrop|ppmtopgm|pnmtops|lp -d ps)

you get the general idea, though.

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