Oracle database interface for GRASS?

Susan Stitt susan at
Tue Nov 9 09:46:27 EST 1993

>From: martin at (Tim Martin)
>Our University has a site licence for Oracle client/server database
>software.  I am interested in any information on people's experiences
>with interfacing GRASS and Oracle.  Is interface software available?
>>From whom?  Is it worthwhile?  We have GRASS running on an RS/6000,
>with a couple DOS boxes running XWindows server software, which we
>use as XTerminals.
>  martin at   


An individual at the Everglades National Park has writen an interface
for GRASS and Oracle.  Unfortunately they are not connected to the
Internet (as far as I know at this time).  I also don't know of the
exact status of the interface, I saw it during the implimentation 
phase.  I don't know whether it is currently releasable.  

You can contact him at:

David Buker
Everglades National park
P.O. Box 279
Homestead, FL  33030
 or (305)242-7808

Susan Stitt

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