Oracle database interface for GRASS?

Bob Black black at
Tue Nov 9 13:20:54 EST 1993

Susan Stitt wrote to someone named Tim:

> Tim,
> An individual at the Everglades National Park has writen an interface
> for GRASS and Oracle.  Unfortunately they are not connected to the
> Internet (as far as I know at this time).  I also don't know of the
> exact status of the interface, I saw it during the implimentation 
> phase.  I don't know whether it is currently releasable.  
> You can contact him at:
> David Buker
> Everglades National park
> P.O. Box 279
> Homestead, FL  33030
>     (305)242-7800
>  or (305)242-7808

I'm also interested in this problem.  If anyone has additional info,
could you please send it to this list or to me directly by email?
Thanks.  If I fail to hear anything in a few days, I'll try the
numbers provided by Susan.

Bob (black at

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