d.mon - Problem

Tue Nov 9 12:57:23 EST 1993

Hello Grassusers,

    I have just compiled GRASS on a SPARC10 running Solaris 2.2.
A few warnings and all but a successful compulation.  I have
started grass and have run in some problems with the 
d.mon command in reference to my XDRIVER.
	I get the following errors after I type :
		1             for start graphics monitor
            x0             for xdriver

Graphics driver [x0] started
ERROR: region for current mapset is not set
	   run "g.region"
Problem selecting x0. will try once more.

I do get a window up but it is completely black.

Is this a problem that I have set something wrong in
selecting the database or problems with my XDRIVER?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kym M. Lenkus
Davidson Laborary
Stevens Institute of Technology
klenkus1 at vaxc.stevens-tech.edu

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