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Cao Changyong changyoc at
Mon Nov 15 20:37:00 EST 1993

>From: "Craig A. Miller" <cmiller at>
>Subject: Linux Grass

>I have recently installed GRASS on my linux box.  Unfortunately, I am having
>trouble getting the XDRIVER to work.  I believe my problem is with my terminfo
>file.  In the docs that I recieved with the binary distribution of GRASS, 
>I was told to use one of the files in the term.tar.z file.  Unfortunately,
>this file is no where to be found.  Does anyone know where I can find this
>file other than ftp?

>The error message reads:  

>Could not find the terminfo file /usr/lib/terminfo/x/xterm

>Thanks for any help.

>E-mail: cmiller at

   Not knowing in what situation you got the error message,  the following
may not help much.  
   I compiled GRASS4.1 on Linux with the following options:
   1) when run utils/setup, I used -ltermcap for TERMLIB
   2) I used the SLS release of Linux with X-windows.
   3) after compile XDRIVER, debug XDRIVER first before run grass4.1.
   4) make sure you are running X-windows in VGA256 mode.

   Again, I need to know more about the situation when you got the error 
message.  For example, is is when you run setup? or when you compile? or
when you run XDRIVER?  Wish I knew the specifics so that I can be of
more help.

Changyong Cao
changyoc at

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