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Craig A. Miller cmiller at
Mon Nov 15 11:26:48 EST 1993

On Mon, 15 Nov 1993, Cao Changyong wrote:

> >From: "Craig A. Miller" <cmiller at>
> >Subject: Linux Grass
> >I have recently installed GRASS on my linux box.  Unfortunately, I am having
> >trouble getting the XDRIVER to work.  I believe my problem is with my terminfo
> >file.  In the docs that I recieved with the binary distribution of GRASS, 
> >I was told to use one of the files in the term.tar.z file.  Unfortunately,
> >this file is no where to be found.  Does anyone know where I can find this
> >file other than ftp?
> >The error message reads:  
> >Could not find the terminfo file /usr/lib/terminfo/x/xterm 
> Hi,       
>    Not knowing in what situation you got the error message,  the following
> may not help much.  
>    I compiled GRASS4.1 on Linux with the following options:
>    1) when run utils/setup, I used -ltermcap for TERMLIB
>    2) I used the SLS release of Linux with X-windows.
>    3) after compile XDRIVER, debug XDRIVER first before run grass4.1.
>    4) make sure you are running X-windows in VGA256 mode.
>    Again, I need to know more about the situation when you got the error 
> message.  For example, is is when you run setup? or when you compile? or
> when you run XDRIVER?  Wish I knew the specifics so that I can be of
> more help.

Andy was kind enough to uuencode the file and mail it to me (Thanks Andy!).
I now have GRASS4.1 up and running on Yggdrasil Linux 0.99pl13.  Everything
went smooth once I had the correct files.


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