Using Xgrass

John Del Ferro johnd at
Thu Nov 18 15:51:59 EST 1993

Just loaded grass4.1 and Xgrass4.1
grass4.1 seems to run ok.
xgrass4.1 is giving me problems.  It starts, I define mapsets, it
enters the main menu fine, after that no grass commands will execute,
including the SHELL option on the menu.
Whenever the menu "executes" a grass command, I get one of the following
error messages, and the command does not execute:
                  ETMP = (null)
                  bad address
                  STMP = (null)
                  bad address
Any ideas or suggestions????????
Thanks in advance.
                                      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
JOHN DEL FERRO                          Philadelphia District
tel: 215-656-6690
johnd at

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