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Fri Nov 19 02:58:14 EST 1993

johnd at (John Del Ferro) writes:
: Just loaded grass4.1 and Xgrass4.1
: grass4.1 seems to run ok.
: xgrass4.1 is giving me problems.  It starts, I define mapsets, it
: enters the main menu fine, after that no grass commands will execute,
: including the SHELL option on the menu.
: Whenever the menu "executes" a grass command, I get one of the following
: error messages, and the command does not execute:
:                   ETMP = (null)
:                   bad address
: OR
:                   STMP = (null)
:                   bad address
: Any ideas or suggestions????????

I had a similar problem and got a bug fix from Randy Hills which worked fine:
   (From rhills at (Randy Hills)):
   The following is a bug fix for xgrass in that I've had to apply
   in the RS6000 environment in order to get text strings in menus to be
   readable.  My feeling is the fix is applicable to other environments, the
   ifdef was put there to retain the original code.  The following is a diff of
   the old and new routines:
   %  diff
   > #ifdef _AIX
   >                     static char retBuf[256];
   > #else
   > #endif

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