RCPT: user-support on grass

mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
Tue Nov 23 07:32:21 EST 1993

Would the person whose system is automatically sending the following reciept
message please TURN IT OFF. So far I have deleted about a dozen of these
messages. I think the receipt message is great but it is a real hassle
when a user subscribes to a list like this.

Pat McClanahan		Internet:mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
EROS Data Center 		 mcclanah at edcserver1.cr.usgs.gov
Sioux Falls, SD

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From: "T.W.CHARNOCK" <CHARNOTW at charlie.aston.ac.uk>
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Subject: RCPT: user-support on grass
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