Receipt confirmation ** MY GUESS 1 **

Laxmi Prasad Musunur mlp at
Tue Nov 23 09:07:03 EST 1993


Yes, all of us are getting these mails!

I think these are probably coming from the posting of 
Eugene (agyei at  

This mail probably has some flag set, so that everytime someone reads it
a confirmation is sent to the "Reply to:" field of the mail.  Eugene had
3 postings and hence everytime someone reads these mails we get three 
confirmations.  I don't see a way it can be stopped at this point other
than checking with Eugene about the mailer being used for e-mail at their
place and the flags that are being set.

Well, we can atleast findout who's reading the GRASS list :=)
But, my guess is we'll get 3-confirmations from everyone that reads
those postings! (lots and lots of mails !!!!)

BTW, I have been wanting to findout how to do this (mail confirmation) for a 
while.  So, if it's someone other than Eugene, would you please tell me how to
do that ? I would like to use this in my personal mails!

Thanks a lot and apologies to Eugene if my guess is wrong!
Laxmi P. Musunur (LP) School of Forestry, Auburn University, 
AUBURN AL 36849	E-mail:  mlp at

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