Installing 4.1 updates

Raymond Venneker venn at
Tue Nov 30 12:02:41 EST 1993

> I tried installing the 4.1 udates and ran into problems after entering my path
> to cpio.  The message was as follows:
> stty: TCGETS: Operation not supported on socket
> syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected
> Any suggestions?  Also, why isn't it possible to reference the path to the
> gmake4.1 script from one's home directory, e.g., ~/local/bin/gmake4.1?  When
> I try this, I am told that gmake4.1 does not exist there.
> Cliff Behrens

Regarding your 2nd question:

I didn't save the script but the ~ expansion to your home directory is
typical for csh/tcsh shells. At least it doesn't work with my sh (SunOS
4.1.1). So I suggest to change this to $HOME/local/bin/gmake4.1.


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