The Wonderful World of GRASS

Raymond Venneker venn at
Tue Nov 30 12:09:52 EST 1993

The Wonderful World of GRASS (Was: The wonderful world of Internet)

What does GRASS have that other GIS-s are missing? In effect a GIS to
most of us is I guess just one of the tools to aid doing our job. Yet
there's something strange going on here. People are programming,
searching for bugs, figuring out how to fit things in shell scripts,
try teaching and helping each other, debating -- I myself sometimes am
``pouring salt in open wounds'' as well. For most of us, these
activeties don't show up in our job descriptions. (Bye bye spare time.)

Would we do this for a xxxxx $ GIS out of a box?

What is this GRASS? .... a disease? If yes, is it serious?


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