The Wonderful World of GRASS

Mark P. Line markline at
Tue Nov 30 22:49:41 EST 1993

On Tue, 30 Nov 1993, Raymond Venneker wrote:

> What does GRASS have that other GIS-s are missing? In effect a GIS to
> most of us is I guess just one of the tools to aid doing our job. Yet
> there's something strange going on here. People are programming,
> searching for bugs, figuring out how to fit things in shell scripts,
> try teaching and helping each other, debating -- 
> Would we do this for a xxxxx $ GIS out of a box?

Well, *we* might not, because *we* use GRASS and maybe not some commercial
product. Others do, though, except for programming and searching for bugs
(which, in the general case of commercial software, is reserved for the
elite clique of proprietary specialists in the employ of the company
maintaining the software). There's a USENET newsgroup comp.infosystems.gis
with wide readership (wrt GIS platforms), and at least one LISTSERV that I
know about. I don't use the LISTSERV, but c.i.gis gets at least as much
traffic, on average, as grassu and grassp together, and only a small part
of that traffic ertains to PD products such as GRASS.

-- Mark

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