Site Data

Craig Anderson caa at noaacrd.Colorado.EDU
Tue Nov 30 19:19:49 EST 1993

Fellow GP/GU's

	I have a problem as usual with site data, seems to be a reoccuring 
problem.  I would like to get some site data into GRASS in the following format:

East         North        Attrib
-111:25:12   45:29:51     #1

	Thus far, the only way I can get to work is by changing the
format to:

East	     North        Attrib
-111.2512     45.2951     #1

	Needless to say these are not quite the same position.  One being in 
DDMMSS and the other in Decimal Degrees.  Question is, why can't the blasted
thing read in ddmmss format?  G.region seems to be correctly set but I get a
format error every time I run

Thanks, Craig
caa at

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