Accessing Existing Grass Maps..

Anantha Prasad prasad at
Tue Oct 5 16:56:11 EDT 1993

I am trying to look at grass GCM maps that were sent to us from EPA.
I extracted the tar'ed files and the result looks like this:
%cd /free4/epa_gcm
cats       cell_misc        
cell       cellhd        hist

I created a location called "gcm" in mapset "prasad", & GIDBASE /free4/epa_gcm
I used the cellhd info to create the location

proj:       3
zone:       0
north:      90N
south:      90S
east:       180E
west:       180W
cols:       720
rows:       360
e-w resol:  0:30
n-s resol:  0:30
format:     1
compressed: 1

But, when I try to access the maps from this location, using
g.list rast, it says
No raster files available

Is there anything I am doing wrong OR could something be wrong with
the files themselves?

Any help would be appreciated

Anantha Prasad

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