Accessing Existing Grass Maps..

Wang Song wang at
Tue Oct 5 18:04:18 EDT 1993

Anantha Prasad wrote:

> I am trying to look at grass GCM maps that were sent to us from EPA.
> I extracted the tar'ed files and the result looks like this:
> %cd /free4/epa_gcm
> %ls
> cats       cell_misc        
> cell       cellhd        hist
> I created a location called "gcm" in mapset "prasad", & GIDBASE /free4/epa_gcm
> I used the cellhd info to create the location

Your "cell, cats ..." were put into wrong directory.
Your GISDBASE was set to /free4/epa_gcm, location to "gcm" and mapset to 
"prasad". All your "cell, cats, cellhd ..." subdirectories should be put under
the directory "/free4/epa_gcm/gcm/prasad".

Song Wang
wang at

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