GRASS Import/Export Formats

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Oct 7 08:25:45 EDT 1993

Carl Dichter (Carl_Dichter at writes on 6 Oct 93:
>What file formats (DXF, DLG, DIME, TIGER, IGDF, etc)
>can GRASS read and write?

I'm not a great importer/exporter of maps, but
a quick check of [r|s|v].[in|out].* reveals: r.out.ascii
v.out.arc v.out.ascii v.out.dlg v.out.dxf v.out.moss

So, for input, it appears to support ascii, arc, dxf, tiger, 
dlg, and sunrast (with pbmplus -> any common image format).

For output, it appears to support ascii, targa, arc, dlg, dxf, 
and moss.

Disclaimer: I've never used very many of these.


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