GRASS Import/Export Formats (Summary)

Carl Dichter Carl_Dichter at
Thu Oct 7 12:40:53 EDT 1993

Two people provided answers to my question "What file formats 
(DXF, DLG, DIME, TIGER, IGDF, etc) can GRASS read and write?"

Thanks for your help.

Here are their answers:
In article <9310071225.AA13768 at>, mccauley at (Darrell McCauley) says:
>I'm not a great importer/exporter of maps, but
>a quick check of [r|s|v].[in|out].* reveals:
> r.out.ascii
>v.out.arc v.out.ascii v.out.dlg v.out.dxf v.out.moss
>So, for input, it appears to support ascii, arc, dxf, tiger, 
>dlg, and sunrast (with pbmplus -> any common image format).
>For output, it appears to support ascii, targa, arc, dlg, dxf, 
>and moss.
>Disclaimer: I've never used very many of these.

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