GRASS graphics monitor problem

Phil.Watson at Phil.Watson at
Thu Oct 7 09:22:55 EDT 1993

>I am trying to run grass4.0 on a SUN sparc IPX, and cannot
>get the graphics monitor work properly. It keeps giving me
>the following message:

>  GRASS 4.0 > d.mon start=x0
>  Graphics driver [x0] is already running
>  Error - Could not complete locking process for monitor <x0>.
>  Lock file is /applications/grass4.0/locks/dolphin/:0.0/x0
>  Problem selecting x0. Will try once more
>  ERROR - eof from graphics monitor.

>I wonder if any of you had this problem before. It would be greatly
>appreciated if anyone can give me a hint how to fix it.

the easiest way is to log in as root, change directory to
/applications/grass4.0/locks/dolphin, make sure no-one is using
grass monitors on that machine, and remove all the files an
 sub-directories from there down.

To be a bit safer you could just remove /applications/grass4.0/locks/dolphin/:0.0/x0
or just use another monitor .....


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