24-bit monitor and grass

Mark P. Line markline at henson.cc.wwu.edu
Thu Oct 7 14:20:27 EDT 1993

On Thu, 7 Oct 1993, Nalneesh Gaur wrote:

> -> Someone would have to prove to me that you are actually running in 24
> -> bit mode (or someone has altered the GRASS code). The way X handles
> -> 24 bit vs. 8 bit is so different that there is no way (that I know of)
> -> that code written for 8 bit systems will actually display all of the
> -> avialable colors of a 24 bit system. Most 24 bit systems can be run
> -> in 8 bit mode - but then you lose the greater color capability.
> -> 
> I am not a X guru, but I can certainly say that it works for us. In fact 
> it works very fine and it worked as far back as the GRASS3.0 version. I heard
> it from some body else who spoke to Michael Shapiro that d.mon would work
> fine witha 24 bit monitor as well as a 8 bit monitor. I invite the writer to
> visit this lab to get the proof. 

I've been following this thread and am becoming confuseder and confuseder.
I'm not new to GRASS and not new to X, but I'm new to GRASS with XDRIVER,
so maybe I've missed something. But I had the impression that GRASS (and
presumably XDRIVER) is coded for *24 bit* color in the first place -- I
set colors using 24-bit RGB frames. These frames wash out on my 8-bit
monitor, of course, but that doesn't seem to matter. Have I misconstrued

-- Mark

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