GRASS 4.1 two-page Table of Commands

amante at amante at
Thu Oct 7 18:35:45 EDT 1993

Hello All GRASS 4.1 Users:

	I have just posted two postscript files: "" and
"" under the /grass/incoming directory on the server.  "" is a two-page table of
all the GRASS 4.1 commands, contributed commands and shell commands according; also, next to the command is a page number of the command in the GRASS
4.1 User's Manual according to the Index.  The "" file is a
table of all the GRASS 4.1 commands without the page numbers next to the
commands.  I apologize if there are any errors in these files and would
appreciate e-mail from anyone to correct them.  Feel free to distribute these
files as you wish.
	And, if any of you find them useful e-mail me!

Hasta la vista,

Shane Amante.

amante at
Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Richland, WA 99352  USA

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