Graphics Monitor Problems (the correct description)

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Subject: Graphics Monitor Problems (the correct description)
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  I've got several replies to my earlier posting about graphics monitor
problems, and I would like to express my thanks to those who replied.
However my description of the problem in that posting was a bit inaccurate
and I am sorry for the confusion caused by that. Our problem is this:
we have compiled grass4.0 on a SUN sparc running SunOS 4.1.2. Every time 
we run it we are unable to open the graphics monitor and get a message
which blames the lock file, but deleting the lock file in question won't
resolve the problem. At the same time, another copy of it runs well
on a HP machine. So we begin to suspect this problem has something to
do with the Sun OS system or the way we compile it. Any suggestions?
If this is not the proper newsgroup to post this question, could any
kind netter give us a hint which newsgroup should we post this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Jim X. Shao
Dept. Geography
King's College London
udfa615 at

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