Importing sun raster files into GRASS

Laxmi Prasad Musunur mlp at
Fri Oct 8 09:29:04 EDT 1993

Original posting:

> 	When I import sun raster files into GRASS xy location using
> the raster image is rotated by about 45 degrees. How do I prevent this (apart
> from rotating the resulting image) happening during the  import!
> 	Thankyou very much,
> 	Laxmi P. Musunur (mlp at
	The culprit was "xv" in our case!  Sun raster files generated by xv
had the about mentioned problem.   But when I created new sun raster file
(from what was displayed thro' xv) using snapshot, it imported fine!

Thanks to the help from Christine  [cmw at (Christine Weiss)]

Laxmi P. Musunur (mlp at

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