NEW TO 4.2

Nancy Taaffe taaffe at
Sat Oct 16 17:28:36 EDT 1993

The following is a list of known contributions to GRASS 4.2, work in progress,
or freely available programs related to GRASS.  The list is current as of
10/15/93.  The cutoff date for acceptance of contributed code to be included
in GRASS 4.2, as well as a release date, will be established in November.
There are additional programs not included here, pending verification with
the author.  Please report any additions or changes to Nancy Taaffe, email
taaffe at	Creates a vector file of circles which uses a "site_lists" file
		as center points of those circles	Copies and converts as ELAS raster file to GRASS cell file

r.out.elas	Copies and converts a GRASS cell file to an ELAS raster file

r.le		Programs for calculating traditional measures of landscape

r.water.fea	GRASS integrated finite element, kinematic wave
		hydrologic model

Xgrasteredit	X-based GRASS raster editor

progman		Interactive programmer's manual

GUI (oo)	Object oriented graphical user interface for GRASS

d.legendbar	Displays a legend bar for a raster map layer in the active
		frame on the graphics monitor

r.setcats	Set-up category text for a raster map layer by automatic
		label generation, or by assigning a category text string
		to each category value in the map

s.filter	Create a new site-list by filtering an existing site-list	Convert a table of specially formatted site information into
		one or more GRASS site-lists	Creates annotation for a GRASS site-list, by creating a paint
		labels file

v.filter	Creates a new vector map by copying specified vectors from an
		existing vector map

r.colors	Modified for color.eq (histogram-equalized blue-green-
		yellow-red wave)

Mapbrowse	GUI designed to allow user to browse through maps in the
		GRASS database.  Build map displays made up of raster maps,
		vector maps, site symbols and label text.  Then save display
		to file, print, or convert to GRASS display script.	SDTS to GRASS import program

v.out.sdts	GRASS to SDTS export program

r.flow		flowtracing program based on vector grid approach

s.kcv		Randomly partitions sites for k-fold validation

s.univar	Simple univariate statistics

s.rand		Generate random sites

s.semivar	Exploratory analysis and semivariogram modeling

g.gnuplot	GRASS terminal for GNUPLOT	Provides command line option to interactive task	Displays line-vector maps in different colors, depending
		on the attached attribute.  Great for large maps with
		many categories.

r.sun		Computes insolation-related parameters

r.hydro		GRASS integrated finite difference, diffusive wave,
		two dimensional hydrologic model

r.meta		Collection routine for metadata	Numerous enhancements have been made	Resampling and smoothing raster files	Version for lat-lon

GRASS/Genamap	GRASS Genamap integration

r.variance	Computes variance in one data layer over regions defined
		in another layer

r.composition	Computes areal percentage of all classes in one data layer
		over regions defined in another data layer.  Output is a
		text file that may be read from another program.

m.dted.examine	Modified for lat-lon 

m.dted.extract  Modified for lat-lon		Modified for lat-lon

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