viewing dxf-files in Grass (problem)

E.A. Koster ekoster at
Mon Oct 25 08:21:13 EDT 1993

Hi there. 
I am trying to import some of the files I created with AutoCAD in the dxf-
format to Grass4.1

first 	I convert with `' and in the directory ~/dig/ the file is 		        created, and I create support files with `'
2nd. 	I start a graphics monitor with d.mon (I am working with X-windows)
3th.	I open the file with `d.vect', the message screen tells me that all the 		plotting is done, but I don't see a thing !!!

Who tells me what I am doing wrong ?


	Elwin Koster               email: ekoster at
	University of Groningen    phone:   (+31) 50 636 096
	K.A.A.                     fax:     (+31) 50 635 886
	P.O. BOX 716
	9700 AS Groningen
	the Netherlands

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