r.proj - I wish!

Srin srin at brcsun0.tamu.edu
Mon Oct 25 08:42:44 EDT 1993

>From: "Michael Hill" <mhill@[]>
>Subject: Re: r.proj - I wish!

>Is there anyone out there, with an "r.proj" who would like to share it with 
>There must be at least one other person besides me who would find it useful 
>(in my case ESSENTIAL).
Yes I have a program called r.proj which will work like v.proj, however,
I donot have a clean man page for it. Further, it needs mapgen properly
installed (v.proj also requires mapgen). Once you ran the r.proj, I have
another program called r.neigh a modified version of r.neighbor which fills
any holes that was not filled while running r.proj either using mode or average
method depeneding on the type of layer. This version of r.neigh modifies only
those cells that are null data or no data.

I will put both the programs in anonymous ftp site
under pub/outgoing/srin
called r.proj.tar and r.neigh.tar

Any comments to improve them are welcome and can be directed to srin at iiml.tamu.edu


srin at iiml.tamu.edu

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