GMT & netCDF files

Craig Anderson caa at noaacrd.Colorado.EDU
Mon Oct 25 15:52:01 EDT 1993

Fellow GU/GP's:

	Is anyone else out there using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) to create
high quality output from GRASS.  It runs from the command line and a number of
variables can be adjusted for mapping as required.  It can be ftp'd from, get the tar file GMT.tar.Z form the pub/gmt directory.
	It appears to have a number of different projection capabilities that
would prove useful to our organization.  Only problem is that it uses 
netCDF formatted gridded data.  One can get a data set out of GRASS well
enough via r.out.ascii, but in GMT it will only import tri-collumn (xyz) data, 
and not flat ascii grids.  

	Has anyone already written a conversion utility to go from flat 
ascii grid to a netCDF format?  

	I was thinking of using this since other people in our group indicated
that the MAPGEN documentation at was outdated and a
nightmare to sort through.  

	Any comments on either of the above packages would be appreciated.

caa at

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