GMT & netCDF files

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon Oct 25 16:14:44 EDT 1993

Craig Anderson (caa at noaacrd.Colorado.EDU) writes on 25 Oct 93:
>	Has anyone already written a conversion utility to go from flat 
>ascii grid to a netCDF format?  

is this what you're looking for?

r.stats -1x

>	I was thinking of using this since other people in our group indicated
>that the MAPGEN documentation at was outdated and a
>nightmare to sort through.  

I agree that this is not put together well, esp when it comes
to multiple platforms.

>	Any comments on either of the above packages would be appreciated.

let us know how GMT does - if possible, perhaps you could 
leave an output file lying around showing us the capabilities...
or is there something like this on the site in hawaii?

[g.gnuplot plug follows]

personally, I've been using g.gnuplot so that I can output rasters,
vectors, sites, etc, in TeX or FrameMaker files (maybe using Xfig to
annotate)... g.gnuplot is on moon - the big problem that I have with
it is getting a 1:1 aspect ratio (possible, but sometimes a pain).
It's not really meant for high volume map production, but it's great,
e.g., for putting 3-D views of raster maps (surface suspended above
contours) in papers.


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