alfa-numerical relational databases and Grass4.1

E.A. Koster ekoster at
Tue Oct 26 04:51:40 EDT 1993

Dear Grass-users,

After some time of absence I did setup a new Grass here to use for Research
in Urban Morphology and Architectural History. The last version of Grass I used
was Grass4.0 un a HP-UX 9000/300, with very less `development' possibilities.

Now I have a HP-UX 9000/700 I started again with XGrass 4.1 (thanks to J.Plesha)

I want to combine XGrass/Grass with a Relational Alpha-Numerical database,
for Grass 4.0 this was the RIM-database (f77-code, which I couldn't compile).
But now, armed with a f77-compiler, and all other compilers I want to start
again, but first of all I wanted to check if there are other possibilities.

* 	Does anyone use the RIM-database, or any other Relational database 			system with (X)Grass ?

*	Where do I find the RIM-sources ? (and additional information)

*	Does someone know of a X-interface to any database ?

I just want to test some different things, but any help is very much appreciated.




	Elwin Koster               email: ekoster at
	University of Groningen    phone:   (+31) 50 636 096
	K.A.A.                     fax:     (+31) 50 635 886
	P.O. BOX 716
	9700 AS Groningen
	the Netherlands

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