r.proj - Wishes come true!!!

Michael Hill mhill at []
Tue Oct 26 05:03:21 EDT 1993

>Yes I have a program called r.proj which will work like v.proj, however,
>I donot have a clean man page for it. Further, it needs mapgen properly
>installed (v.proj also requires mapgen). Once you ran the r.proj, I have
>another program called r.neigh a modified version of r.neighbor which fills
>any holes that was not filled while running r.proj either using mode or average
>method depeneding on the type of layer. This version of r.neigh modifies only
>those cells that are null data or no data.
>I will put both the programs in anonymous ftp site
>under pub/outgoing/srin
>called r.proj.tar and r.neigh.tar

Thanks very much, Srin. I look frward to trying out the programs.

Mike Hill

Michael J Hill
Research Scientist
CSIRO Pastoral Research Laboratory, Armidale, NSW, Australia,2350.
E-Mail address: mhill at chiswick.anprod.csiro.au

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