r.proj - Wishes come true!!!

Gerald I. Evenden gie at charon.er.usgs.gov
Wed Oct 27 10:54:34 EDT 1993

Just to add my two cents to this thread regarding the following:

>>Yes I have a program called r.proj which will work like v.proj, however,
>>I donot have a clean man page for it. Further, it needs mapgen properly
>>installed (v.proj also requires mapgen). Once you ran the r.proj, I have
>> ...

I wonder why MAPGEN needs to be installed when apparently only proj
software is needed and thus only the installation of PROJ.4.2?
This is simpler than dealing with the entire MAPGEN system.

I do not know the details of [rv].proj, but I wonder if they use
program proj or, more appropriately, use the PROJ.4 library?

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