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Wed Oct 27 16:05:41 EDT 1993

Fellow GrassP/GrassU's:

	Currently, users at my site are exporting maps from GRASS to postscript
files, using '', and indicating the locations of sites with little dots.
Then they have to import the map into FrameMaker where they can overlay "pretty"
icons, (shaded and colored pictures of hawks, etc.), on top of the site's dots.
Finally, they can print these "touched up" maps to our postscript printer.  They
don't want to be limited to creating awkward-looking, plain ol', filled in,
black icons with 'ps.icon'.  They want to add some pizzaz to the sites icons 
with shading and colors, etc.
	My questions are:
1) If they create an icon in FrameMaker and save them as a PostScript file,
is there anyway to use them in GRASS when using ''?  I can put a 
PostScript icon is '$GISBASE/data/<database>/<user>/ps_icons' and I am able
to select the icon.  However, when I print out the map no sites show up !!!
Is there some conversion program so GRASS can convert the PostScript file to its
recognized format???
2) Apparently in GRASS 4.0, I'm told, users could print the icons from ''
to a PostScript file, and then use those icons in ''.  Does any one know
of such a thing, and if so could they help me out with locating the necessary
device drivers, etc.
	Finally, how about adding more functionality to sites icons to the
GRASS wish list!  Namely, importing real PostScript icons, created possibly
in some 3rd-party program, with color and shading, etc. into GRASS maps so you
can not only see them on the screen, but hardcopy postscript output also!

Thanks for all your help,


amante at
Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Richland, WA 99352   USA

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