r.le version 2.1 for linux available

Wed Dec 14 17:37:10 EST 1994

Janne Soimasuo at the Univ. of Finland has kindly compile the r.le
programs version 2.1 under Linux.  He will put a file on the grass/incoming
directory, called rle21.linux.tar.gz, tomorrow.  This file contains the
executables for linux and postscript versions of the document and figures.

These binaries were compiled with: linux kernel 1.1.54 using libc.4.5.24
and libm.4.5.24 and the gcc 2.5.8 compiler with XFree2.1 (X11R5).  If
linux users have XFree3.1 (X11R6) you may need xfree2.1 shared library
installed also (unsure).

Many thanks to Janne for help!  Please E-mail me directly if you have
problems or comments.  I will work with Janne if we uncover any problems
with the binaries.

	Bill Baker
	bakerwl at uwyo.edu

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