r.in.erdas problems

Janne Soimasuo jsoi at larix1
Thu Dec 15 08:19:00 EST 1994

I'm not sure if this helps, but we had problems which were
solved with this solituion.
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Check Gmakefile in .../src.contrib/SCS/raster/r.in.erdas/cmd

There is a line:

#-mark should be used (comment) with non intel based systems (like suns), but
with e.g. linux you should define ATT_386-flag.

The same this was with i.in.erdas


In article <Pine.3.07.9412130603.A28561-a100000 at acme> you wrote:
: Dear grass users,
: I have been having problems with r.in.erdas.  Specifically, I have gotten
: a raft of erdas files from local university all developed for the same
: project.  Some of these r.in.erdas brings in fine and others it gives no
: error messages during conversion but when I display the raster map, it
: consists of mostly vertical bars with only a few rectangular cells.

: I am using the version of r.in.erdas contained in grass4.0 release because
: the one I have for grass4.12 gives me a memory allocation error during the
: conversion process.  This error is accompanied by "starting coordinates"
: of, something like, "4252318,8349231" rather than the expected "31,1".

: Further, I have had success with erdas files that were 4-bit or 8-bit, but
: not 16-bit.  Is there an update of erdas that will handle 16-bit data?

: If anyone has any experience with these problems, I would thank you for
: your help.

: Jim Stafford
: email: jimstaff at freenet.columbus.oh.us

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