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Carla Elenz grayling!celenz at
Thu Dec 15 14:32:32 EST 1994

I saved the following message for reference written
last September by Mark Line.  Perhaps if Marina Schneider
is "listening" she can shed some light on the situation.
Or maybe we are all due for a refund.

	Greetings, from another place and another time.

	Where to start?

	I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those in the GRASS
	community who have continuously supported the GRASSHopper-based
	monthly periodical called Chirp! even after it became clear that our
	production schedule would not hold up if we couldn't find more

	If you take a quick peek at my new .signature below, you'll notice
	that I am no longer posting from Open Pathways in Bellingham,
	Washington, but from USACERL in Champaign, IL. Due to the nature of my
	new day job here at CERL, I will no longer be able to play exactly the
	same role in the Chirp! enterprise as before -- both due to time
	constraints and due to the potential for conflict-of-interest
	complaints. Although numerous details still have to be hammered out,
	Marina Schneider will continue to maintain Open Pathways as a going
	concern. For the time being, she can be reached by phone or fax at

	For the production of Chirp! to get underway again, two things need to
	happen: (a) the LegalExperts need to sort out the ways and means of
	avoiding conflict-of-interest problems; and (b) more members of the
	GRASS community need to offer to do part of the GRASSHopper-based
	writing (analyzing message traffic on certain subjects and writing
	fresh review articles covering this material -- at regular intervals
	or as the volume of traffic dictates), since 60 pages/month is way too
	much for just two or three de facto volunteers who all have day jobs.

	Marina will inform these lists of the new situation as soon as (a) has
	happened. After that, she will entertain offers concerning (b). I'll
	ask her to post something here as soon as she has Internet access.

	I hope that this solution meets with the approval of our long-standing
	supporters as well as the GRASS community at large. I know that the
	team so far involved with the production of Chirp! is very much
	looking forward to getting this show on the road.

	I'm sorry for the awkwardness these changes engender during the

	-- Mark

	Mark P. Line
	Control Data Systems, Inc.

	GRASS Development Project Manager   phone +1-217-352-6511 ext. 6600
	USACERL                               fax +1-217-373-6724
	P.O. Box 9005		            email Mark.Line at
	Champaign, IL 61826-9005                  line at

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