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Thu Dec 15 19:46:46 EST 1994

I need some help with I'm pretty sure I have everything setup 
correctly, but the postscript file that is generated will not print (on 
HP IV SI or tektronix phaser, both postscript) nor is it viewable in a program 
like ghostview. 

My ps.devices file contains:
        level: 2
        page width: 8.5
        page height: 11.0
        top margin: 0.5
        bottom margin: 0.5
        left margin: 0.25
        right margin: 0.25
        resolution: 300

I used this command: i=ps.rules o=ps.test

and it generated this output to the screen.

PS-PAINT: PostScript painter "hpnature" selected.
PS-PAINT: scale set to 1 : NaN.
PS-PAINT: reading raster file <boundary in PERMANENT> ...
PS-PAINT: PostScript file "ps.test" successfully written.

Maybe the line concerning scale is causing the problem, I certainly don't know
what it means. My ps.rules file is simply:

scale 8.5 inches
raster boundary

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