are you reading news?

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Fri Dec 16 03:16:37 EST 1994

[this was originally sent during the down-time. if it
is a repeat, my apologies -jdm]

If you are reading info.grass.user (as opposed to email), 
where do you get your news feed? I'm trying to get these
groups (i.g.u, i.g.p) at my site, but none of our feeds
carry them.

If you are reading grassu via a local newsgroup, could you
please touch base with me? After being unable to find
the info.* groups on any feed we use, my news guru is willing
to set up local newsgroups. At the moment, he seems to
be having problems getting this accomplished and I'd like
to do what I can to help him along.

Alternatively, we could try to set up comp.soft-sys.grass.user
comp.soft-sys.grass.programmer. This idea was kicked around
a year or two ago but it sorta died... Is anyone else interested
in this?

Replies via email please. I'll summarize if there
is enough interest.

Darrell McCauley|mccauley at|Ag Engineering, Purdue Univ, 
W Lafayette, IN 47907-1146, USA|

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