Frederic Laffay fl21 at calvanet.calvacom.fr
Thu Dec 29 03:56:18 EST 1994

	I make new call to the solidarity of users of GRASS4.1. Indeed, the 
software is now installed and seemed to function on a Linux platform.

	However, when we launch d.mon to open a graphic screen, It plants.  I have 
followed instructions of the file ginstall, and have therefore recopied the 
file monitor.sample on monitorcap.  The former suitable call, for x0 and 
others, to files fifo.1a, fifo.1b, etc.  ..  These files fifo are emptied 
(length 0).

	Is this the to that ?  Has one to config, if yes, how?

	hank you advance.


Good celebrate End of Year.

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