GRASS installation on Silicon Graphics

Shaun Poulton spoulton at
Fri Jul 1 09:51:08 EDT 1994

I have successfully installed GRASS on an SGI Indigo workstation using 
both 5.1 and 5.2.  The directions I used to do this were:

1. Untar the files.
2. Change references in grass4.1, xgrass4.1 and etc/monitorcap from [your 
GISBASE] to your actual base directory full path name.
3. in the file setup.script add a first line that contains only a colon 
(:) if there is not one already there.
4. make setup.script executable
5. run setup.script.  When it asks for your GISBASE give it your base 
directory full path name.
6. move grass4.1 and xgrass4.1 to /usr/local/bin or wherever you may want 
7. move files in /data to <your database directory>/<location name>/PERMANENT
8. run grass4.1 or xgrass4.1
9. Make sure the permissions are correct.

If you run into any problems let me know.

Shaun Poulton
National Marine Fisheries Service
spoulton at or spoulton at

On Tue, 28 Jun 1994, Robert Fraser (FO 1999) wrote:

> Help!
> Has anyone successfully installed the SGI version of GRASS?
> I closely followed the 2 page instructions, and got some errors relating 
> to my (e.g. LOCATION_NAME: parameter not set).  I solved this by 
> setting my MAPSET, GISDBASE, and LOCATION_NAME (e.g. setenv MAPSET 
> PERMANENT), and was able to get into the GRASS command line.  
> The problem is, now when I try to execute a grass module, I get the 
> error: "segmentation fault core dumped".  Sounds kinda serious to me, and 
> although I am a only a UNIX beginner, I guess that there are problems 
> with the hard links or FIFOs (don't ask me what a FIFO is).
> Has anyone run into this problem, and managed to solve it?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Rob Fraser
> Yale School of Forestry
> Hydro Lab

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