Ken Sibley ksibley at
Fri Jul 1 10:19:35 EDT 1994

> Three questions:
> 1. Does anyone out there have a postscript driver for a Calcomp
> model 58444 electrostatic plotter?
> 2. Does xgrass only work with Motif? Or will X11 and Openlook
> work?

You can only compile xgrass with the Motif libraries.  If you have
the staticaly compiled binaries of xgrass then yes you can run
it inside of Openlook.

> 3. I remember seeing a document which stated the requirements
> (money, software, and hardware) for a PC based Grass system.
> Could someone post them or is this information located on the
> moon somewhere?

Different PC's with different operating systems have different 
requirements and obviously have different costs.  I think several
different versions are being used with 486's w/ >8mb RAM (> 16mb RAM
recommended from personal experiance) on Linux probably fast becoming
the most popular for low budget operations.

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