Morris Trimmer TRIMMER at fs.sciences.WLU.EDU
Fri Jul 1 10:51:49 EDT 1994

  Though I've seen this sort of question asked before I seemed to 
have missed the answers.  Sorry but . . .
  I'm trying to import a scanned photo that is in tiff format.  I used xv 
to convert it to sun raster format and xv can view it fine.  But when I 
us r.in.sunrast and view the raster file I just get a gray display.
  I'm new to compiling and have not succeded in getting r.in.tif to 
compile on our HP 9000/712.  Any suggestions on this.
Morris Trimmer
Washington & Lee University
Lexington, VA. 24450
trimmer at wlu.edu
(703) 463-8846

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