GRASS on Linux on SX

chuck at roberts.GEOG.UCSB.EDU chuck at roberts.GEOG.UCSB.EDU
Mon Jul 4 14:00:45 EDT 1994

In a posting about Linux/Grass, Gerald Evenden wrote:

>Suggest 16 Mb ram for starters, significantly better performance with 32Mb,
>300Mb hard-disk (Unix usually runs about 200Mb) but a more reasonable size
>is 600Mb. 33MHz 486 is starting cpu but, if you can, look at DX2's 50Mhz or
>66MHz. NO SX's. Also be sure the motherboard has a good reputation, Unix is
>not tolerant of some of the cheaper clones. Obviously, 1024x780x8 video
>required and the bigger the screen, the better, but I get by on a 15 incher.

Does this mean Linux and/or GRASS won't work on SX machines, or just run
very slowly/poorly?  I have a SX at home that I want to run GRASS and
Linux on.  Speed doesn't matter at this time (when it does, I'll get a 
new computer).


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