in linux

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Wed Jul 6 11:28:04 EDT 1994

> I am running the grass4.1 binaries from topquark with the slackware
> distribution of linux.  I have run up against a problem with
> At the first try at execution, it produces the error "floating point
> exception".  The command executes at the second attempt, but
> in the postscript output file all raster
> levels are assigned the color of the first level.  Vectors, titles,and
> colortables are created as expected.  Has anyone noticed this problem,
> or have a solution for it?

	I run GRASS under SCO (that's a PC386 UNIX) (using mostly SCO's 
	cc rather than gcc)
	and I've had a couple of spurious floating point exceptions
	in GRASS programs (like adding two FP numbers such as 17 and 21...).
	I've finally decided to catch and ignore that signal in these
	programs (e.g. Not a very nice thing to do, but I
	couldn't think of anything else.
	Since you're probably using similar hardware, maybe you have a 
	similar problem? But then, works fine over here...


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