GIS in the Ocean

Steve Dzurenko steve at ocesun1.oce.uri.EDU
Wed Jul 6 12:05:48 EDT 1994

Hello again,

GIS has historically been used with land data.  Here at the Graduate School of 
Oceanography, the Ocean Engineering Department's GIS development efforts are
focused on ocean data.  This is a very young GIS application.  We are just
beginning to develop the tools and build the databases.

One data base I am trying to build at the present time is water clarity for
coastal areas.  I think this data will present some interesting display
decisions.  If anyone would like to comment on the development of such a
database, I would like tohear your ideas.  Even better, if anyone has done
this or has water clarity data I could get my hands on to begin working with,
that would really be appreciated.  I would prefer coastal data, but any water
clarity data would do.

I would also be happy to share the development effort with the general user
community, so I will keep in touch.  Please, if you have any comment,
share it. 

Thanks again,

Jim Squadrito
Ocean Engineering
U of Rhode Island

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