W. Fredrick Limp fred at
Sun Jul 10 16:36:54 EDT 1994

I think that the GRASS gnuplot tools Darel developed would do a
fine job here... Darel?????

> Hello,
> Can an experienced MAPGEN user explain if the following task is
> possible and how one might accomplish it.
> I have taken the output from r.contour (after running
> and brought that data set into MAPGEN using the "make.line" command.
> I've also imported the attributes with "make.label".  After running
> "" , the lines and labels are plotted in the graphics window,
> but there is one label for the entire length of the line.
> I would like to plot that line and with its attribute label it 
> at some specified interval.  I've tried using the more fundamental
> "lines" command but am still unable to produce a labelled contour
> line.  Is this possible with MAPGEN?
> Wayne Gibson
> Oregon State University

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